About Us

Campus Interaction is part of PreludeSys India Ltd. Campus Interaction is all about monitoring students foot print. We do this using our online web and mobile portal. Colleges can register on the portal for free and download the apps they prefer both on Web and Mobile. Several of these Apps are available for Free. Based on the usage of these Apps, we assess student's skill set and match against a Company's requirement. Campus Interaction has been used by more than 100 colleges in India and many companies to hire best brains from the campuses.

Some of the core functionality and services are:

  • Online Assessment Portal Both on Web and Mobile
  • Job Portal for Colleges and Companies
  • Student and Alumni Management and Communication
  • Online Training
  • Online Attendance
  • And Many more, to see all the features Click here

Click Here to view a product demo and to learn how Campus Interaction can help streamline your campus management.