Campus Recruitment: A Boon for HRs

Campus InterviewMany organisations are building their work force through Campus Recruitment. Top tier companies such as CTS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS hire students from campuses in thousands every year. More and more organisations, big and small, are jumping on to this trend to recruit students in thousands.
So what is so attractive for HRs to beeline to many institutions to acquire students with no experience. Here are some of the advantageous.

Large work force
Campus InterviewThere are very few options left for HRs if they have to hire resources in large numbers. Hiring in large number of resources within a restricted timeline through the traditional recruitment process is extremely difficultas it requires lot of time and resources to hire the candidates within a given timeline.Campus Recruitment comes as a boon as HR can visit few colleges and hire the cream in large quantity.

Plan to Succeed
Campus InteractionCampus Recruitment is a huge boon for companies that plan ahead. Planning for campus recruitment entails the projects in pipeline, size of the projects and number of resources require for those projects.Some times an organisation can also study their vertical markets and plan based on its performance.

Reduced Resource Cost
Campus InterviewCampus Recruitment allows a HR to keep down the cost of hiring as well as the resource cost. Compared to hiring a graduate of same calibre, candidates hired via Campus Recruitment come at a lesser pay scale.

 Avoid De-Training
Campus InterviewThough many companies recognise and appreciate that the candidates hired via Campus Recruitment requires training, it solves the great problem of de-training.Hiring a candidate from another company does require de-training to fit her/him into new organisation culture and the technology.

Eager work force
Campus InterviewCandidates fresh out of college are generally eager and willing to go that extra mile to establish their career. They require little motivation and generally tend to exceed the goals set by the organisation,but it comes with its own peril. Poor training or lack of training can hurt the organisation so the emphasis should be on training to achieve the best results from Campus Recruitment

Trained Candidates; Huge bonus
Campus InterviewMany colleges provide an additional training on top of their normal academic teaching.Companies reap huge benefits by hiring from the colleges who have invested heavily on training their students to fill the gap between Academic studies and what the industry expects. Focussing on colleges who provide training not only on Softskills but also on Technical training like Web Development and Mobile Development is a huge bonus. This allows a company to evaluate a candidate on their technical skill set even before joining allowing them to be productive from day one.

Campus Interaction
Campus InterviewCompanies like ours focus on these areas and educate students through Online and Offline training. Engaging with us will not only give you access to our world class portal through which you can reach 1000s of colleges but will also allow you to conduct Online Assessment and Online Video Interviews increasing Return on Investment. We engage with several colleges in establishing Centre of Excellence for Web and Mobile Development on Cloud Platforms.Through us getting the right candidates at the right time will never be an issue. If you want more details on this, please email

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