Need 10 tips for hiring employees via Campus Interview?

Campus InterviewHiring the right candidate is a challenging process especially through campus interview. You have only academic qualification to go with and to hire the cream among several candidates could appear as a daunting task. But on the other hand hiring the right candidate enhances your work culture and pays back a thousand times over. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to hiring, but these steps are key when you are looking to hire through Campus Interview.

Tip 1 : Online Test
Campus InterviewTraditional method of using paper based test will limit your chances of reaching several thousand students.Online tests is the easy choice that allows you to scale and widen your reach. You should carefully consider issues around security, performance and internet availability when deciding on online test. Security Issues can be addressed by having all the right security protocol implemented in the software but be aware not all threats can be eliminated. Instead consider using portal like ours which has many thousand questions in its data bank and shows random question to each student. Timing of test is crucial as this will give very little chance for candidates to refer another website or a book. Portal like ours have been tried and tested for performance over many campus tests.  Selecting the right portal will reduce your risk around performance. Finally internet availability could be major issue in some colleges particularly if it is in a remote place. This can be overcome if the portal can be installed locally and the tests are be conducted via LAN

Tip 2 : Video profile
Campus InteractionOne of the biggest advantage of technology and internet is to connect with people through Video. Using Video you can conduct face to face interview with candidates without being in the same geographical location. This has opened many possibilities in the world of hiring. This is a huge advantage to the interviewer as well as the candidates. Many students/colleges have low bandwidth. To overcome this, Portal like ours has come up with nifty ideas allowing users to record their interview with random HR questioners enabling the interviewer to review this at a later date. Interviewer will be able to asses candidate’s communication skills even before visiting the campus. This could save time and money for the interviewer.

Tip 3 : Primary / Secondary Education 
Campus InterviewThough college/university teaching hones a student’s skill, a school lays the foundation. We have generally seen students from certain schools tend to excel in their career. School plays even more important role when it comes to communication and logical skills. For this reason portal like ours offers statistical analysis on candidates primary/secondary school and based on various criteria flags you the candidates who would be expected to do well. This information can help an interviewer immensely as they can take an informed decision based on the statistical information even before visiting a campus.

Tip 4 : Academic scores are important but not the only measuring tool
Campus InterviewIn my view, selecting a candidate purely by academic qualification is like measuring temperature with a spoon. It does certainly give you an indication if it is hot or cold but if you want to get more accurate measurements then do consider many other parameters. Look for candidates who have done work outside the college that shows their self organizing skill, leadership qualities and can do attitude

Tip 5 : Look for students who have gone that extra mile 
Campus InterviewI always found a candidate to do extremely well in their career when they have done more than what is expected out of their college life. This shows the candidate is self organizing and doesn’t need support or hand holding in a job.  Some of the criteria could be students participation in inter collegiate/inter university paper presentation, technical certification (ex. Java, .Net).

Tip 6 : Extra curricular Activities
Campus InterviewExtra curricular Activities are an important indicator of the candidates personality. Leadership, Communication, Sales, Organizing skills can all be seen with candidates involvement in various sports and cultural events.

Tip 7 : Knowing the company
Campus InterviewI often see candidates turning up for an interview without knowing enough about the company they are being interviewed for. This clearly shows lack of interest for the role they are appearing for and also reflects as poor preparation for an interview. I always take a view that if a candidate can’t prepare well for an interview, what are the chances that he will prepare well for a job or for that important meeting, should you choose to hire them. Moreover why hire someone who hasn’t shown any interest in my organisation. Vice-versa is also true. When you interview a candidate show enough interest in their CV. Show that you are genuinely interested in hiring him.

Tip 8 : Questions
Campus InterviewQuestions asked by candidates can reveal several aspects. To start with, asking questions tells you the candidate is not afraid to speak up. Depending on the question asked by candidate you can infer various qualities. If the candidate asks more about the role then obviously he is showing more interest in the kind of work. If the candidate is asking more on the pay package then it tells you they are financially motivated, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Tip 9 : Badmouthing
Campus InterviewBadmouthing their college, professors or fellow students is never a good sign. There is a good chance that the candidate might speak about the company in a similar manner.It also tells you that the candidate may not work well with other people and will not handle conflicts in a mature and effective way.

Tip 10 : Etiquette
Campus InterviewI see this as an important quality. Having rightly dressed candidates tells me how interested the candidate is for this job. This also tells me if a candidate is presentable before my clients or managers within my own organisation.

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