Campus Interview Tip: Top 10 Ways To Be a Desirable Candidate in a Campus Interview

Campus Interview

I wish to share my experience of conducting campus interview in various engineering colleges and different locations across South India.

I was a HR panelist for an IT company which is rated as the one of the largest company at All India level. I have been working for them for the past 8 years and had the privilege of conducting HR Interview for more than 6000 students from different regions. What we look for in a candidate during the campus interview is listed below. Can you be one of such candidate?

1. Attire: Our interview room is so big that a candidate has to walk at least 10 feet to reach the interview table. When the candidate enters the room we would have a look at the appearance of formal dress with tie, polished shoes and groomed face. The first impression is the best impression. Hence you pay attention to your attire.

2. Communication: we shall initiate the interview by making the candidate to feel comfortable with the process. While proceeding on the conversation we look for the language accent, fluency, assertion, voice modulation, body language, clarity, and precise to the point and request to repeat the question to the interviewer if not clearly understood. We give much importance for the quality of communication.

3. Analytical skills: This is to test the skill of problem solving. When we pose a question we expect the candidate is able to identify the issue, coming out with one or more solutions or think out of box to solve the problem. Here we rate the candidate whether he can work independently or need guidance all time.

4. Organizing skills: This is to access whether the candidate is methodical in his approach to work. We probe this by asking his plan of studying, project work, organize seminars, cultural events etc. This skill is expected for planning a work assigned to the individual.

5. Leadership Skills:  We evaluate the candidate’s participation in organizing events like sports, seminars and cultural events and his ability to lead the team members to achieve the objective.

6. Knowledge Quotient: We assess the candidate’s ability to present papers at state level conference, whether he has an aptitude for research and journals he reads in the library and area of interest relevant to his career.

7. Multitasking: We test whether the student has the ability for multi-tasking. Eg. Whether he focuses only in his studies or also extracurricular activities. We prefer candidates with flair and ability for multi tasking.

8. Team Player: We assess the ability of the candidate to work in a team. Psychometric tests and also his extra-curricular will show this quality. We prefer team player than a loner.

9. Commitment and Dedication: We assess the student level of commitment and dedication to the assignment. This will be assessed concurrently with analytical skills and also his career plans.

10. Agility: We note the student’s presence of my mind, listening skill, alertness and body language, assertiveness and balance of moods.

Among the ten attributes enumerated above, communication plays key role Unless you express clearly and precisely, in simple language, you may not be able to score much in the other attributes.

Good verbal and written communication will go a long way in the selection process and career advancement.

Wish you all good luck.

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