Campus Interview Tip: Do’s and Dont’s in a Group Discussion

Campus InterviewIn a Group Discussion, it is important you follow certain protocols. These protocols not just apply to Group Discussions, but also whenever you discuss an issue or a topic in a professional environment. So it is important you understand and adhere to some of Do’s and Don’t in a Group Discussion during your campus interview


  • Speak clearly
  • Be polite at the same time be assertive
  • Keep it concise
  • Be cordial to others
  • Sit straight and show positive body language
  • Encourage others to speak
  • Give credit to others
  • Listen to what others say and take notes if required
  • Be a leader. Start the topic and try to conclude it in the end
  • Be logical in your discussion


  • Don’t speak at all. This is the worst crime you can commit in a GD
  • Don’t interrupt when others speak
  • Don’t make fun of others
  • Don’t look at the moderators (interviewers) when you speak
  • Don’t criticise other members or your college/professors or other companies
  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t be shy
  • Don’t get emotional or nervous or angry if you get criticised
  • Don’t ask questions or tips to the interviewers
  • Don’t be feeble when you talk. Everyone mainly the interviewers have to hear you clearly

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