Campus Interview Tips: Right Language to Use in a Group Discussion

Campus InterviewUsing a right language is a key to get through Group Discussions. You may ace the topic given to you in a group discussion and you may have excellent fluency and been very assertive but a wrong word or a language will most certainly cause you the job. Using the appropriate language in Group Discussion or in any discussion in a professional environment is extremely important.

Following DOES and DONTs will help you to understand what language has to be used in a GD

No, you are wrong You may be correct but in my opinion
You don’t have any idea about this topic You may be right, but I have recently read that… or you may be right, but in my opinion…
Don’t be an idiot, it is not true With what I have read recently that information may be incorrect
You are talking bullshit I beg to differ
Yaar, what are you talking about I value your opinion but I think that is not correct
You can’t even speak proper English so how can you… I respect your opinion, but what I would like to emphasize is
You have no knowledge about this topic and I have done my project in this I do value your opinion, but I have done a project in this and would like to say that…
DON’T USE Swear/Vulgar words Use words like “Respect your opinion”, “Value your opinion”
DON’T show your anger Be assertive, calm and composed

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