Can your placement cell guarantee you a job through campus interview?

Campus Interview

The answer is resounding NO. Your placement cells are there to guide and help  you to do your best in your campus interviews, but YOU and YOU ONLY can assure your job. It is important to get this in your mind.  I have seen time and again, many students believing in false promises made by agencies or individuals assuring for a job. No one, other than you, can assure you a job.

While preparing and appearing for a campus interview remember these points:

Campus Interview1. Do Your Preparation

Placement cells are there to bring jobs to your campus and to guide you, but don’t expect them to do your job of preparing for campus interviews. End of the day, you need to do all the required work to get through the interview.

Campus Interview2. Work With Your Placement Cell

You need to work with, not against, your placement cell in order for them to help you. Getting the best for you is only going to enhance your placement cell’s reputation so they will do their best to get you a best possible campus jobs. Try and help your placement cell as much as you can. Simple things like getting your registration done on time, applying for the jobs as early as possible and turning up for the interview on time will help your placement cell a great deal. I know these are simple little things, but every little helps.

Campus Interview3. Placement Records Vary

Don’t expect your college to maintain the same placement record every year. It greatly varies based on market requirement. For an example, 2013-2014 is a bad year for campus recruitment. See our blog 2013 bad news for campus recruitment to get the exact numbers

Campus Interview4. Don’t Lie

Don’t try to cheat or lie to your placement cell. It spoils your college reputation and your reputation. It not only spoils your chances of getting through any campus placement that your college conducts, but also greatly hurts the opportunities for other students

Campus Interview5. Grow Up! You Are An Adult

Don’t expect your placement cell to spoon feed you regarding campus interviews. You are a grown up adult and you can get all the help you need via internet

Campus Interview6. There is no such thing as Guaranteed Job Placement

Finally don’t believe in promises on “Guaranteed job placement” made by training institutes or agencies or individuals. No one can assure you a job except you. So if you can’t guarantee your job no one can.

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