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¬†A.Raghavan¬†E & I Student placed in TCSDuring my college’s placement drive, I fully relied on the college’s excellent placement portal which provided me with every information available regarding campus recruitment without any hassles. The portal is user friendly and extremely easy to access. It helped me to be updated with every company’s details. Such a placement portal is a real benefit to students. The online placement facility greatly helps us to register easily for the companies we are interested in.This website helps to give you a true insight into what a placement is about and givesyou the inside information that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only does it assist you to find a placement, you are also more likely to find placements that are just right for you. On the whole,it is a valuable tool for campus placement.

Manikandan¬†E & I Student placed in I-NautixI’m pleased to register my views on the Web Portal created by Bindtechnology for our college on details regarding campus interviews organized and conducted during the year 2010-11.

I understand that ours is the first batch to feel the benefit of the new portal and we are quite fortunate. We benefited immensely due to this online facility in various aspects as briefed below.

  • The portal was user friendly.
  • Highly informative.
  • Companies profiles and positions profiles are well explained.
  • Applying process is simplified.
  • Saves lot of time.
  • Knowledge Bank paves way for better preparation and to face interview process more confidently.
  • All required information is made available.
  • Overall, it is found that it is very useful.

Everyone accepts that there is always scope for improvement in whatever we do. I would suggest the following for implementation.

  • Under placement profile, the column titled “Filtered Candidates” may be suitably renamed to give more clarity for applicants.
  • Provision for publishing the names of selected candidates under various disciplines by each Organization.

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