College Placement Management

Jerome Josephraj CEO at Bind Technology

I always wondered how colleges in India manage their placement. Most reputed colleges in India, where campus placements are provided, have thousands of students to manage. I know how difficult it is to manage an interview process for bunch of candidates, let alone manage it for thousands of students for various companies with varied requirements.

The entire process of managing placement could be a nightmare but not managing efficiently could hamper college’s reputation and placement percentage. Companies may even drop out due to bad experience and fail to return the following year leaving a very unsatisfied student community affecting future admissions to college. All this, not because the placement officer was not doing a good job, but because of lack of a process and more importantly lacking a right tool.

I believe, considering to do placement management without placement management software will not only be inefficient but prove to be detrimental to building a college’s brand and reputation. Imagine sending wrong CVs to companies or sending wrong information to students or worse mixing up student status or information.

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