Our best ever release

Campus Placements

We are excited to introduce our campus interaction portal with the improved features. Now it’s even more easier for students and placement officer to engage in an effective manner.

College Students

All users from the college are easily visible to the Placement officer with a single click. They even have the ability to search for students and alumni matching on the first alphabet of their names and their Year of Passing.

This enables Placement officer to look for a particular candidate quickly and then load their full profile for viewing.

Campus Placements


College Staffs

Campus Interaction platform is not just for the Placement Officers and students. Now other College Staffs can also register with us. This enables effective communication between Admin, Staff and Students. Admin will have access to add or remove Staff as needed

The screen below shows the College Staffs details.

Campus Placements


Document Upload

Document Upload is a unique functionality for Placement Officers to upload useful documents for students. We have categorized it two ways.

All documents– Under All documents, the user can view his documents along with other users’ document.

Campus Placements


My documents – Under this, the user can view only his documents. Space statistics are also displayed for users benefit. 1MB of free space is allocated to each user. Campus Interaction support needs to be contacted if this allocation needs to be enhanced.

Campus Placements


Daily Jobs – For Placement Officers

Campus Interaction team will post new jobs for Placement Officers approval. This will appear under daily jobs menu.  Placement Officer as Admin can delete, approve or reject these job posting.

Campus Placements


Daily Jobs – For Students

Only approved jobs will be shown to students. They can apply for the Jobs by clicking on the “Apply” button.

Campus Placements

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