An Introduction to Dynamics 365 solutions – Part I

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Microsoft’s business management suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, is one of the most trusted enterprise software in the market. Since its launch, revenue from the Dynamics suite as a whole grew 13%, while profit from its cloud offering, Dynamics 365, was up 69% in just three months.On a year-on-year basis, Dynamics 365′s customer base increased by 40%. By applying intelligence to all data types, the Dynamics 365 suite of applications is revolutionizing CRM and ERP as it enables businesses to move from reactive to proactive business decisions, allowing people to achieve better results faster.

So, what is Microsoft Dynamics 365? What makes Dynamics 365 best suited for graduates to choose as a career opportunity? What are the products and services Dynamics 365 offers and what it means to businesses? Let’s dive into the depths of what is Microsoft Dynamics 365 in this Part 1, and how you can make a career in Dynamics 365 in the next Part.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 has a wide range of apps and add-ons that addresses every need for ERP or CRM. This combination makes it easier to create apps and share data across all applications. It creates purpose-built applications with threaded intelligence to connect front-office and back-office functions through shared data. In addition, rich analytical capabilities provide organizations with deep insight into each functional area of their business. So, instead of having separate, siloed functions, Dynamics 365 offers automated, integrated, and intelligent sales and capabilities that efficiently connect, prioritize, and convert leads into paying customers.

Microsoft has unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) within Dynamics 365 and Power Platform integrating your data, business logic, and processes. While natively integrated with Microsoft 365′s productivity apps, all the Dynamics solutions are built on the trusted platform Microsoft Azure, which also offers a broad ecosystem of services. It is created to give you maximum flexibility and extensibility. Because of this flexibility and rapid innovation, Dynamics 365 (D365) can adapt to fit almost any business.

Products of Microsoft Dynamics 365

1. Dynamics 365 Marketing:

It is an efficient marketing automation application that helps users turn prospects into business relationships. This app works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales and also has built-in business intelligence (BI). D365 Marketing allows the creation of graphical email messages and shares information across sales and marketing teams. It strengthens marketing efforts by creating nurture campaigns, calculating lead scores, and providing insights for the subsequent actions to acquire and retain customers.

2. Dynamics 365 Sales:

Is a solution that enables sales teams to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on real-time insights, and close more sales at a faster rate. Many companies use Dynamics 365 Sales to keep track of contacts, nurture leads to order, create better sales collateral, and create marketing lists/ campaigns with a 360-degree view of interactions with prospects and customers that helps to forecast the next interactions.

3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

It is a trusted customer service tool that allows users to earn more customers and improve customer loyalty. This solution helps companies build excellent customer relationships by focusing on customer experience with the ‘Customer Service app’ that provides many features and tools to support customer service. With this tool, a company can power up its customer service team by efficiently tracking customer complaints, returns, warranty claims, SLAs & entitlements, and transactions.

4. Dynamics 365 Field Service:

Field service is usually tiresome. Communication gaps and delays in field service without the right tool that connects the onsite field service agent with the customer is a story of past. Dynamics 365 Field Service helps companies deliver onsite service to customer locations with workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility.

5. Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail):

This is a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies the back-office, in-store, call center, and digital experiences in a retail business. The Dynamics 365 Commerce enables users to improve brand loyalty through personalized engagements, improved employee productivity, optimized operations, reduce costs and supply chain efficiencies. The Digital commerce app brings the back-office, in-store, call center, and digital experiences together for omnichannel sales.

6. Dynamics 365 Human Resources (Talent):

It is a solution that helps HR to streamline many tasks and automates staffing processes. Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps the team better employee retention, benefits administration, practical training, performance reviews, and smoother change management. Dynamics 365 provides an app that allows the human resources staff to manage areas of oversight.

7. Dynamics 365 Finance:

This is one of the significant ERPs under Dynamics 365 solutions. This helps companies automate and modernize financial operations, monitor performance in real-time, predict future outcomes, and make actionable data-driven decisions. The capabilities of Dynamics 365 F&O include budgeting, project management, financials, and accounting for large, international companies. Companies use Finance to drive strategic financial decisions with artificial intelligence (AI), automate financial processes, reduce operational expenses, and decrease global financial complexity.

8. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management:

It is a solution that is used primarily to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability. This solution can maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability by using predictive insights and artificial intelligence (AI) across planning, production, inventory, warehouse, and transportation management.

9. Dynamics 365 Business Central:

It is a major ERP and is a business management solution specially designed to suit small and mid-sized organizations to automate and streamline business processes. It comes with highly adaptable and rich features to enable users to manage your business processes, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more.

Great! You just got to know what is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its products in this Part 1. Now, hang on for the next blog in this space in which you will get to know about Future of Dynamics 365 and how you can make a career in Dynamics 365? And the learning materials related to it!

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