Features that are the driving force of Campus Interaction – A placement automation portal

Campus Interview

Multiple placement platforms strive to bring students closer to their dreams. Campus Interaction (CI) is one such platform. Amidst a whirlwind of online portals, what makes CI so different?

Not just one but multiple features contribute to answering that question:

An Organized Dashboard

An interactive and easy to use dashboard is prone to make the website have more engagement and that is exactly what campus interaction provides. The confusion-free dashboard makes searching, finding and interacting a lot easier than it sounds.

Campus Interview

Job postings

The placement team, responsible for posting and alerting about new job opportunities based on a student’s achievements and expectations makes use of automated filtering based on criteria. This, in turn, provides students with fitting roles.

Internship opportunities

The first step into the world for students is finding a good internship from which they can learn and grow. CI reaches out to organizations, requesting for them to recruit interns. If they approve of the request, it will appear as a job opportunity which will initially be visible to the placement team. If the opportunity is approved, it will be visible to students to apply.

Individual performance (Student Audit)

Performances of individual students are tracked and sent to the placement team on a timely interval. This enables to have up to date records on every single student which proves to be helpful during recruitment drives.

Campus Interview

Report generation

Multiple reports need to be generated during online placements as it is beneficial to all parties in keeping track of the order of events.
The following are reports that CI helps in generating.

Campus Interview

• Placement report

Number of companies visited, registered students, number of students placed, industry news and number of job offers. These are a few of the many reports that fall under the placement report category.

• Analytic report

This report is based on location, type of admission and the knowledge students have about an institution based on various factors.

• Online test report

Online tests are an integral part of CI, this means generating reports for every student along with their progress and reports for universities as a whole.

• Email & SMS report

This feature generates reports on when and what Emails/SMS were sent out.

Email & SMS made simple

Communicating with students and parents can be done via SMS and Email which is quite literally one click away.

Find and filter

Imagine traversing through thousands of student data. It’d seem impossible to manually filter them out, or even if it is possible it would most accurately take days if not weeks. CI has automated this feature so that you can get work done in a short time and not miss out on any data.

Advanced search

Searching for students with specified criteria is made simpler here. Instant searches by the placement team are powered by this feature.

Online tests and career resources

Aptitude tests are an ongoing challenge during the placement process. Multiple students find it difficult to make it past the first round. CI prioritizes tests, both mock and real-time for students to learn and improve from along with materials to learn from before interviews.

Alumni Connect

Alumni Connect is one such feature that allows graduates from an institution to keep tabs on their activities, know about upcoming events and even take part in them if they wish. The following features are classified under Alumni Connect.

Campus Interview

• Members

This feature helps institutes in organizing their alumni based on batch, department, designation and location. It allows in filtering and viewing this data with ease.

• News and events

CI helps in keeping Alumni informed and updated about new happenings in the university.

• Chapter

The chapter feature helps in grouping alumni based on international and domestic locations. This will help those situated closer in knowing about events that will happen in the institute.

• Email & SMS

To keep them informed, a mode of communication is necessary, SMS and Email serve to the purpose.

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