10 Tips To Organize a Successful Virtual Campus Drive

Campus Interview

“Campus Drive”
- The most golden opportunity that every graduate is longing for.

The year 2020 has demanded a rethink of our strategy over campus recruitment since things are shifting from physical to virtual. As the colleges and universities have already decided that the 2020-2021 academic year will be progressed entirely online, some colleges might be open for students but not for visitors. The visitors here are the “Campus Life” which is closed as the pandemic has hit hard at all business and educational institutes.

On-Campus’ New Location & It’s Massive Disruption

Most of the recruitment teams and placement cells are moving away from on-campus recruitment to virtual recruiting models which benefits both the recruiters and students effectively. The traditional on-campus is remarkably expensive and consumes unlimited efforts to drive a successful campus placement. Virtual recruitment on the other side uncovers many fruitful results.

Campus Interview

It’s crystal clear that virtual campus drive favors more benefits and better in terms of ROI than traditional on-campus, going with such is the ideal strategy for college and university placement cells to stay ahead in the talent pool market.

So How & When Can You Shift Your Recruitment Strategy to a Virtual Model?

The finest advice from an expert would be always “NOW”. Yes, there’s no waiting for any official announcement until campus “opens”.

After all, the entire market is overflowing with many virtual recruitment software and services, choosing an enterprise and trusted campus recruitment portal like “Campus Interaction” would reduce most of the process management burdens since it has been integrated with robust features that benefit students, placement cells and organizations.

To get started with, you’ll have to consider some 10 tips that entice students’ full attention and turn out your virtual campus drive a more successful one.

Essential Pillars To Get Going Successfully With Your Virtual Campus Drive

Employer Branding – The Core to Success

“79% of job seekers say that they’re likely to use social media as their prime source of job search.”

The ultimate goal of any virtual or on-campus drive is to perceive more number of applications/candidates. The better the reach, the better the volume of candidates. Prioritize your brand and the organization’s presence across all your social platforms. Run campaigns, polls, and share relevant content to drive students’ attention.

Source Candidates Geographically

With comparative marketing and branding, foster candidates right from other states, inter-states, and cities. Just like the on-campus recruitment process, work with already signed colleges, universities, and alumni networks to get a hold of existing relationships to build your talent pipeline.

Reveal Openings & Build Utmost Trust

With your job post drafted, reveal the total number of openings and the entire information about the campus drive/positions. Keep in touch with the relevant candidates throughout the time and explain the culture of organizations. Describe the benefits and value of the organization. Progress campaigns that make the candidate trust you.

Trigger Candidates to Register

One of the basic and crucial steps in the entire recruitment process. Set basic qualification parameters to screen the captured resumes based on the roles. With a screening tool, you can streamline the entire candidates’ profiles and make it more efficient to respond to every application. Set up some basic criteria like GPA, Specialization, experience, relevant skill set, etc, to make registration more relevant to your requirements.

Automate Scheduling

Once you receive the applications and are done with the screening process, automated scheduling would help to sort out and send a response mail to qualified and unqualified candidates. With automation, schedule the first round of calls, invite links, and do more effectively than ever.

Map Every Virtual Event (Seminars, Info Sessions & Webinars)

Host virtual career events like seminars, webinars, and sessions on future technologies and content relevant to the open positions. Virtual info sessions have various numbers in the form such as Ask-me-Anything by the Company CEO, Hiring managers and board of panels. Keep the students and graduates engaged through professional development webinars and many more.

Virtual Coffee/Chats

As the students process their initial stages, begin clarifying their doubts, understand their interest, dig deep into candidates’ prescription with virtual coffee chats. This increases loyalty and builds a better relationship between the recruiter or hiring manager and students.

Virtual Assessments

Run manageable technical problems, ideation for a problem, and small research projects, Coding tests and more. An enterprise pre-recruitment online assessment platform can help to conduct various online assessments remotely.

Campus Interview

Video Interviews (Mostly Face-to-face Rounds)

With help of video interviewing tools, you can conduct all sorts of personalized interview sessions to make the final decision of a candidate’s status. A typical face-to-face virtual interview will save you at least 66% of the time from regular interview processes.

Campus Interview

Make an Offer! – A typical Virtual Onboarding

Last, but a life-changing moment for a candidate. You release the virtual offer letter to the candidate in a more personalized way. Create congratulatory videos and messages from the employee’s future boss and many more to onboard the selected candidate.

Transform Your Overall On-campus Recruitment To Virtual

As with all these parameters, recruiting strategy and efforts, you can measure the success rate of your virtual campus recruiting by comparing it with physical on-campus. Identify the best software and tool that fits into your recruitment process either for universities, placement cells, or colleges. On top of everything, a good virtual campus recruitment once progressed can reap many benefits and an effective talent pool of pipeline for many years.

Reconstruct Your Overall On-campus & Recruitment Pool Into Virtual

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