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Whether you’re just beginning your career or discovering your future profession, trying to figure an absolute answer to this question “What career is right for me & how can I get it? Always remains unnoticed.

Believe it or not, it takes just a couple of minutes to figure out the best career option for you. Yes, Online assessment tests help to narrow down your options and enhance the skills needed to thrive in that particular field. There are plenty of online resources out there to help you to get trained but discovering that one which provides all the essential needs that favors your career interest is the ultimate point. Campus Interaction is such insightful recruitment software that not only guarantees jobs but also accounts for your skills, values, interest, and goals.

An All-in-one Recruitment Software With Online Assessment Tools That Guarantees You Your First Job

Campus Interaction is your first step on your journey to the first profession that you dreamt of luckily you’re safe enough since Campus Interaction only provides 8+ types of online tests but comes with 360-degree training tasks to crack your online assessment tests.

A 360-Degree Online Assessment Categories To Improve Your Skills & Employment Rate

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are one of the core assessment scenarios that employers use to assess your ability with a variety of different testing formats. Here, Campus Interaction comes with 36 different variety of test formats that test your ability and skill.

Campus Interview

Each test format is equipped with 100+ questions based on 3 potentials such as Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

Some of the core aptitude test format categories are

Campus Interview

English Category Test

The English online test comes with a subcategory of 17 formats where each format consists of 100+ questions segregated based on employers and organizations’ frequency. These subcategories are quite essential when it comes to handling the business writing of your company.

Campus Interview

Technical Assessment

Campus Interaction’s technical format is equipped with 55+ test papers originated by top corporate companies, and experts’ view. Most of the technical questions are rated by ex-candidates and employers.

Campus Interview

Top Corporate Company-wise Online Test

Today’s students are lucky enough though you get a pre-online assessment chance (mockup test) before the actual online assessment task. CI comes with top companies’ frequently asked questions. The Top Tech companies are HCL, Cognizant, Infosys, HP, Hexaware, IBM, and more.

Campus Interview

Department-wise Question Papers

Campus Interaction favors final year college students through insightful online test based on their department. Each subcategory has more than 500+ questions categorized such as Algorithm, Computer Architecture, Digital Systems & more.

Campus Interview

Demo NASSCOM Assessment Test

Campus Interaction provides NAC-Tech Test where each test consists of 20+ questions. Each test is answerable for up to 20 minutes where you get maximum training and confidence to appear for the Live NAC-TECH test.

A Complete Overall Result Panel

Take a complete view of the results for the online test you have appeared. Get the overall percentage, score for each category and eligibility to appear for the next level of the interview process. Keep the momentum, let the employers reach you.

Campus Interview

Take a Rest & Grab Your Opportunity!

For most people, getting the right career is hard to find, luckily, you’ve Campus Interaction in your career journey where you can get a taste of top career assessment test and get hired in the company you have dreamt of. With the small support of your college, university, and time, these tests from Campus Interaction will help you discover not only your career but also the position that will reflect your passion.

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