Learn how to build the perfect portfolio

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You’ve spent hours, months and even years building your skills and knowledge through studying, but now you gotta put all your efforts into results. As hiring processes become more stringent, it’s essential to do more than what everyone does, i.e, create an impressive portfolio that bursts out of the vinyl.

Aren’t portfolios meant for creative jobs?!

An ideal portfolio is meant for both “Visual” and “Non-visual” professionals. A portfolio can take you ahead in the career. A perfect portfolio is a must for everyone.

Digital Portfolios help you demonstrate your entire work online.

Digital portfolios are a must-have for:

  • Web Developers / App Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Videographers
  • Advertisers
  • Writers
  • Architects

Portfolio Ideas for Students

Research Resources: Whether you’re working hard to become a lawyer, teacher, research analyst, or lecturer, presenting your ability to research and analyze information is an absolute skill. Convert every research-oriented resource into an online portfolio.

Presentations: You would have performed presentations in college. If you have a project that love or a presentation that helped you get brownie points present it through slideshows.

Certificates: If your career niche requires certification as the well-known asset to define your skill, display it in your portfolio to earn the reward. A screenshot of Certifications like Google Adwords Certified, Robotics Certification, or anything that has been completed online or Offline gives you an edge.

How to Create A Simple But Effective Portfolio

  • Organize every piece of work together in one place.
  • Decide which project, work or assignment works best for the required position. (Note; Quality over quantity wins the race.)
  • Bring out your versatility right from planning, executing, and perceiving the results. Present experimental projects and works.
  • Convert all your certificates and crucial papers into a scanned PDF.
  • Create a video of you presenting the PPT presentations including all your works, projects.
  • Come up with a simple cover letter explaining you, your work and interest in a concise way.

How To Create An Online Portfolio To Stand Out In the Competitive Hiring Process?

Create Your Website

Having a personal website is the most significant professional development and networking tool you own. You can design from scratch or pick a template design, it is easy and inexpensive. There are tons of website builders out there that require zero coding skills.

Keep your portfolio site basic and uncluttered. Let your work do the talking!

Campus Interview

There are many websites and platforms available to create your website for portfolio purposes, like Free WordPress Themes, Ignis, Behance, Wix would be a best fit for developers, designers, photographers and writers.

Choose Your Best Work

Include the work that you feel proud of. Just remember, you’ve to go with quality over quantity that precisely reflects who you are why you’ll fit a specific open position. Imagine including your highlight reels, where you have to be very specific and selective.

Some portfolio builders tools to get started early, Adobe Portfolio, PortfolioBox , and Jimdo.

Never Forget To Include the End Result of Anything!

What have you achieved? Did your final year project win an inter-college prize? Do you have a certificate of appreciation? Pro tip: Stats or anything with numbers works wonders.

Hopefully, I believe you found this to be a useful resource as you build or enhance your portfolio. If you found this article helpful please show us some love and share it with your friends.

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