Beyond a degree – Why must universities focus on making students job ready?

Campus Interview
The goal of every university is to provide a great learning experience. The fiercely competitive job market is now making it imperative for education institutions to not just provide a great learning experience to students but also make them job-ready.

A pathway that aligns with both academic and career goals is essential for students and educational institutions.

Fill the Gap between Student’s Skill Set & Market Demand

The skill gap is a huge pain point that needs to be addressed. Even though most graduates are highly proficient in academics, they fail to secure jobs. Backing every graduate with practical knowledge and courses that are attuned to current market needs is mission critical.

High Job Placement Rankings To Universities & Colleges

Ensuring a high graduate employment rate can boost up your institution’s brand value. The higher the number of graduate employment rates, the higher your institution’s market value.

Enhancing students’ skillsets

A learning framework that intersects with students’ interests and career goals is now table stakes. Colleges must facilitate internships, workshops and seminars to identify the career goals and strengths of their students.

From these factors, it’s clear that educational organizations, colleges, and institutions have to create a pathway that connects students and employers.

So how can you make this connect possible?

We have a solution – Campus Interaction!

Campus Interaction is an online placement portal that can help university students prime themselves for employment and chase their dreams. Campus Interaction is available on both Android and iOS platforms and is used by Top Institutions in India.

  • It comes with powerful features that can help you move your placement cell online.
  • It supports 25+ industries and 200+ designations right from software engineers, business analysts, marketers, and more.
  • Map your institutions’ talent pool with the right company requirement.
  • End-to-end Online assessment.
  • Real-time virtual interviewing, subject matter videos and more.

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