Are you interested in placements?

Campus PlacementsIf you are interested in getting companies to visit your college, then we are interested in you. We have several companies who use our portal for campus drives and we arranged several drives successfully last year.

We don’t guarantee job placements and the reality is – no one can!. We have structured our placement portal in such a way that we are rewarded for success and not for promises. This is how it works. Just follow 4 simple steps as shown below

Campus Placements

  1. 1. Sign up with us for Free
  2. 2. Upgrade to our Assessment portal, which gives you access to online test, placement portal, knowledge portal and daily job postings from as little as Rs.100/Student
  3. 3. Practice, take our assessment which includes reviewing student CV, taking online test and a group discussion at no additional cost and a unique One Minute face to face video interview at NO extra cost
  4. 4. We undertake to promote your college profile and student profile with the assessment report to over 10,000 companies across India and we charge you a fee only when a company confirms and visits your students for recruitment

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