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5 Aptitude Test You Must Take Now To Stay Ahead in the Competitive World

“Top Employers use aptitude tests as the base to eliminate 80% of candidate profiles based on their Aptitude scores” An aptitude test is one of the significant methods for employers to assess a candidate’s ability. Aptitude consists of a variety … Continue reading

The career workshop: Guide for Indian universities to organize a successful one

Learn How to Conduct a Perfect Career Workshop for Students Our previous blog was on how to build an awe-inspiring portfolio. In this blog we’re going to discuss about the different ways colleges and placement cells can conduct successful career … Continue reading

Learn How to Effectively Manage Your Students’ Database

Managing a university is challenging even in the best of times. In today’s scenario there’s a critical need for educational institutions to infuse technology in their everyday operations. For colleges and universities transforming from a traditional paper-based data management system … Continue reading