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An Introduction to Dynamics 365 solutions – Part I

Microsoft’s business management suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, is one of the most trusted enterprise software in the market. Since its launch, revenue from the Dynamics suite as a whole grew 13%, while profit from its cloud offering, Dynamics 365, was … Continue reading

How Salesforce can Secure You a Bright Future

There is a whole world of opportunities waiting for you, but why not train yourself for the best while you’re at it? Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform is home to some of the best jobs in the world. From … Continue reading

Campus Interaction – The easy way to learn JAVA and bag a job!

An age-old debate that still makes its rounds amongst the student population is, ‘Is Java easy?’ It has been a sensational debate that even movie dialogues took inspiration from it!

An effective and fun way to learn English

It’s every student’s nightmare, acing all technical sections in their aptitude tests and not getting selected because of the communication skills section. Let’s get real, we are all ESL learners which means our basic English knowledge is a little on … Continue reading

Features that are the driving force of Campus Interaction – A placement automation portal

Multiple placement platforms strive to bring students closer to their dreams. Campus Interaction (CI) is one such platform. Amidst a whirlwind of online portals, what makes CI so different?

10 Tips To Organize a Successful Virtual Campus Drive

“Campus Drive” – The most golden opportunity that every graduate is longing for. The year 2020 has demanded a rethink of our strategy over campus recruitment since things are shifting from physical to virtual. As the colleges and universities have … Continue reading

The One Online Test That’ll Guarantee You Your First Job

Whether you’re just beginning your career or discovering your future profession, trying to figure an absolute answer to this question “What career is right for me & how can I get it? Always remains unnoticed.

5 Aptitude Test You Must Take Now To Stay Ahead in the Competitive World

“Top Employers use aptitude tests as the base to eliminate 80% of candidate profiles based on their Aptitude scores” An aptitude test is one of the significant methods for employers to assess a candidate’s ability. Aptitude consists of a variety … Continue reading

The career workshop: Guide for Indian universities to organize a successful one

Learn How to Conduct a Perfect Career Workshop for Students Our previous blog was on how to build an awe-inspiring portfolio. In this blog we’re going to discuss about the different ways colleges and placement cells can conduct successful career … Continue reading

Learn How to Effectively Manage Your Students’ Database

Managing a university is challenging even in the best of times. In today’s scenario there’s a critical need for educational institutions to infuse technology in their everyday operations. For colleges and universities transforming from a traditional paper-based data management system … Continue reading

Learn how to build the perfect portfolio

You’ve spent hours, months and even years building your skills and knowledge through studying, but now you gotta put all your efforts into results. As hiring processes become more stringent, it’s essential to do more than what everyone does, i.e, … Continue reading

Beyond a degree – Why must universities focus on making students job ready?

The goal of every university is to provide a great learning experience. The fiercely competitive job market is now making it imperative for education institutions to not just provide a great learning experience to students but also make them job-ready. … Continue reading

College placement process goes digital

College placement processes are slowly going digital as a lot of placement automation applications are gaining ground. This is seen more as an extension of the digital transformation that is gradually changing the technological landscape across the globe. What we … Continue reading

Campus Galore

Some of our September success stories.

International Internship

We successfully conducted India’s first “International Internship” Events in UK in partnership with VIT. In spite of unforeseen issues like Tube Strike in London, both events went very well.

EMPLOYABILITY REPORT: Students in Tier-2 Cities get less placement opportunities even with good Aptitude Skills

This Infograph shows the percentage of students who were placed in 2014-15 when their average Aptitude Test scores are more than 50%. Compared to English, scores in Aptitude tests had a bigger impact on placement record. Stats consolidates our earlier … Continue reading

EMPLOYABILITY REPORT: Inequality in Campus Recruitment between Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cities

This Infograph shows the percentage of students who were placed in 2014-15 when their average English Test scores are more than 50%. Our Stats indicate that though there are as able students in Tier-2 Colleges and Cities they get less … Continue reading

Campus Interview Tip: Ignore company details at your own peril

When there is a huge stress on the nation’s economy, especially during acute recession, successfully bagging suitable and lucrative placements through campus interviews is almost like a lucky dip. Getting selected for suitable jobs in the open market is even


The reason for bench marking 6 CGPA is that most companies prefer candidates with CGPA 6 or above. This infograph shows that Tier-1 students have a higher CGPA, a staggering 96% of which 77% were placed. Stats show that placement … Continue reading


This Infograph shows that students who practice online test regularly have better employability. We have also noticed that the colleges that encourage their students to take Online Tests regularly have better placement records. An interesting fact to note is that … Continue reading


Data in this graph, collected from over 60 colleges mainly from Tamil Nadu and near by states during 2014-15, proves what has been generally known. The graph clearly shows that Tier-1 colleges maintain a healthy placement record compared to Tier-2 … Continue reading

Employability Report: Aptitude Average Marks of Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cities

This Infograph shows that Tier-1 Colleges and Cities attract a larger pool of academically able students which makes them more attractive for employment. We feel that students from Tier-2 Colleges and Cities will benefit with more exposure and regular practice … Continue reading


This infograph shows that unlike Aptitude tests where the gap in scores was considerable between Tier-1 Colleges and Cities, Score in English tests are comparable between the two. We believe Students in Tier-2 Colleges and Cities will benefit more from … Continue reading

Campus Interview

We have been successfully organising many Campus Interviews for our client colleges. Some of the success stories are given. We were busy conducting Campus Recruitment at RRase, Apollo engineering college, SKR Engineering College, Suddhananda Group of Institutions and Gandhi Institute … Continue reading

Need 10 tips for hiring employees via Campus Interview?

Hiring the right candidate is a challenging process especially through campus interview. You have only academic qualification to go with and to hire the cream among several candidates could appear as a daunting task. But on the other hand hiring … Continue reading

Sachin Tendulkar Vs James Bond

Now that we have got your attention, we are pleased to roll out this addictive English Game. All it takes is a minute. Just click on the menu and compete with Random users.

Live International Seminars For Your College

We trust that most of you are aware of our product “Campus Interaction” developed by Bind Technology. This software is being used by top ten Engineering colleges all over India and is one of the fastest growing portal. Now we … Continue reading

Effective Placement Management

Dr.L.Arunachalam Dean – Training & Placement Sairam Group of educational institutions I am extremely delighted to have an interactive portal like “Campus interaction” by Bind technology. Administering the data base of students, filtering them as per the requirements of the … Continue reading

Campus Interview Tip: Top 10 Ways To Be a Desirable Candidate in a Campus Interview

I wish to share my experience of conducting campus interview in various engineering colleges and different locations across South India. I was a HR panelist for an IT company which is rated as the one of the largest company at … Continue reading

Campus Interview Tip: Do’s and Dont’s in a Group Discussion

In a Group Discussion, it is important you follow certain protocols. These protocols not just apply to Group Discussions, but also whenever you discuss an issue or a topic in a professional environment. So it is important you understand and … Continue reading

Can your placement cell guarantee you a job through campus interview?

The answer is resounding NO. Your placement cells are there to guide and help  you to do your best in your campus interviews, but YOU and YOU ONLY can assure your job. It is important to get this in your … Continue reading

Campus Interview Tips: Right Language to Use in a Group Discussion

Using a right language is a key to get through Group Discussions. You may ace the topic given to you in a group discussion and you may have excellent fluency and been very assertive but a wrong word or a … Continue reading

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid by a HR During Campus Drives

Each corporate level company or medium level company is interested to hire the best talents available in the market (Professional / Engineering Colleges). In their pursuit to achieve their objectives, certain criteria and ways and means are being followed by … Continue reading

Student Feedback

 A.Raghavan E & I Student placed in TCSDuring my college’s placement drive, I fully relied on the college’s excellent placement portal which provided me with every information available regarding campus recruitment without any hassles. The portal is user friendly and extremely … Continue reading

10 Tips to Improve Campus Placement

Getting campus interviews for your students is one of the most important aspects that is expected of the colleges in India.  Students and parents, more so during recession,  look for campus placement records as one of the important parameter in … Continue reading

2013 Bad news for Campus Recruitment, but we are upbeat

According to NASSCOM “The additional personnel requirement in the IT sector of the country may come down from 1.8 Lakhs to 1.3 Lakhs down by nearly 50,000 in the current fiscal as there is a large scale backlog of recruitments last … Continue reading

Be your own Brand

Rasheed Ogunlaru Life Coach | Speaker | Business Coach Leading life and business coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru, shares tips on standing out from the crowd and building your profile. We live in a world dominated by big brands. They’re everywhere you … Continue reading

Our best ever release

We are excited to introduce our campus interaction portal with the improved features. Now it’s even more easier for students and placement officer to engage in an effective manner.

Campus Placement Statistics

We did a study to collect data on campus placement. The result clearly shows a downturn in campus placement, which is not a surprise. Details of this research against IT majors and where we find the information are located in … Continue reading

Recession: A bane or Boon for HR

One fine day I realised my shirt fittings were too tight! Though I blamed my washing machine, I invested on a treadmill and started jogging. I stuck to my plan and jogged regularly. Everyday I jogged I realised the cost … Continue reading

Are you interested in placements?

If you are interested in getting companies to visit your college, then we are interested in you. We have several companies who use our portal for campus drives and we arranged several drives successfully last year.

Campus Recruitment: A Boon for HRs

Many organisations are building their work force through Campus Recruitment. Top tier companies such as CTS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS hire students from campuses in thousands every year. More and more organisations, big and small, are jumping on to this … Continue reading

Campus Interaction with much improved features

Our message board will enable effective conversation between students and college staffs/management. All conversations including messages for job posting, online test etc are shared here. The style of display ensures that you will never miss a conversation. It also offers … Continue reading


1) Post job for free. 2) View candidates. 3) Conduct online test. 4) View video profile. 5) Schedule face to face interview.

Questions asked during Infosys campus Interview

Shubham Kumar Gupta Proves that non Computer Science student can also get placed in IT companies. He is studying B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology.He also shares his experience on answering more common but difficult questions like “why … Continue reading

Question on managing team by Cognizant in campus interview

Srikanth is studying M.Tech Cad cam from Vellore Institute of Technology. He explains why pre-planning is important when taking Campus Interviews. He tells an interesting information on how his mechanical background helped him getting placed in an Software company like … Continue reading

Technical Question asked during cognizant campus interview

Sunil is an M.S Software engineer from Vellore Institute of Technology. He explains some of the technical questions like ” how to swap 2 numbers without temporary variable” , how to maintain a good Eye contact and many more. He … Continue reading

Sanmark group Interview Experience

Do you happen to spend lot of time before a mirror? Well now AakashTanwar tells you how you can put that to good use when preparing for Campus Interviews. He studies at Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology and … Continue reading

Ford india campus question on strengths and weaknesses.

LalitKathiri is one of the brightest student of Mechanical engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology and placed in Ford India. He tells how to prepare for an interview and explains why he chose the company. He tell how his project … Continue reading

Cognizant campus interview question on location

Suganaya is one of the smartest from 2013-14 batch of Vellore Institute of Technology. She got selected for Cognizant and competed with 1000s of candidates in Campus Interview rounds. She was also offered a job by Accenture but decided to … Continue reading

How watching Harry Potter helps in campus interviews

Dipanjan, one of the brightest student studying Bio Technology at Vellore Institute of Technology shares his interview experience with Accenture. In this exclusive one to one Video interview with Campus Interaction, he shares some of the interesting information explaining Accenture’s … Continue reading

101 Campus Interview Tips

Getting your name across (blogging/articles/Research papers) Tip 1 : Market yourself by writing blogs on the subject that you know well Tip 2 : Publish research papers. Very very few students do this. In our experience out of 10000+ candidates … Continue reading

‘No slowdown in campus placements’

Despite the expected slowdown in the US and European markets, many of the major management and engineering institutions expect almost 100 per cent placement for their students in the present placement season. While the downturn may affect middle-level

Who’s looking to hire students from your campus?

Out of several companies in our database, we currently have a minimum of 4 companies have shown interest to hire students from your campus. This is done through our College

College Placement Management

The entire process of managing placement could be a nightmare but not managing efficiently could hamper college’s reputation and placement percentage Continue reading

Graduate – Trainee Engineer

Job designation : CNC Machine operators / Trainee – Quality check / Trainee -Production Eligible departments :Mechanical, ECE, EEE Salary during training period: RS 8000. Salary after training period: RS 12000 to RS 15000.

Graduate Software trainee

Designation : Graduate Software Trainee Eligibility :B.E/B.S.C/M.S.C Eligible departments :CSE/IT/ECE Salary during training period: RS 7000. Training period: 6 Months

Technical Support Executive

Designation : Technical Support Executive ( Tamil , Malayalam ,English) Eligibility :Should have passed Higher Secondary or 10+2 ( Minimum Requirement ) from any education board in India Salary during training period: RS 6000. Training period: 6 Months

Business Development Executive

Designation : Business Development Executive. Eligibility :Should have completed UG or PG Salary: RS 8000 to 10000 for UG. Salary: RS 10000 to 15000 for PG. Appraisal: Will be for every six months

Junior Software Trainee

Designation : Junior Software Trainee. Eligibility :B.E/B.S.C/B.C.A Departments :CSE/IT/ECE Salary: RS 9000 to 11000 Rs.

Business Development Executive

Designation : Business Development Executive. Eligibility :Any U.G/P.G Salary:10000 Rs. Communication: Extremely good in English – IT back ground preferable.

Software Engineer

Designation : Software Engineer. Salary :Rs. 10000 -15000 Training Period :6 month (Same pay) Joining location :Anywhere in India.

Electrical Engineer

Designation : EEE – Electrical Engineer – 2013 Passed out. Salary :Rs.15000 Training Period :2 month (Rs.6000) Bond Period after Training :1 year


Designation : Field Support Engineer. Eligibility :D iploma (ECE, EEE), B.E (ECE, EEE) Salary:6.5 K to 15 K + Conveyance and Mobile allowance. Joining Location : Any where in Tamil Nadu.

Marketing Executive

Designation : Marketing Executive Eligibility :min +2 & degree Salary :8000+ inc + benefits Training period:2 Months Same basic pay Rs.8000

Technical Coordinator – ATM OPERATIONS

Designation : Technical Coordinator. Eligibility :D iploma (ECE, EEE), B.E (ECE, EEE) Salary:8 K to 15 K. Joining Location : Chennai.

Electrical & Electronic Engineer

Designation : Electrical Electronic Engineer. Salary :Approx Rs.15000 (Based on the Performance in the interview) Training Period :3-6 month (Pay Based on the Performance) Joining location :D elhi, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Target oriented Marketing Job

Designation : Target oriented Marketing Job Salary :Approx Rs.15000 (Based on the Performance in the interview) Training Period :3-6 month (Pay Based on the Performance) Joining location :D elhi, Kolkata, West Bengal.


Designation : Software Engineer Eligibility :B.E – ECE only Salary :Rs. 8000 Joining location :Chennai.