Surviving the Campus Interview Presentation:

All employers seek candidates with effective oral and written communication skills. Can you think on

your feet? Do you have stage presence? How do you handle difficult questions? Libraries use the interview presentation to assess these skills (Heiberger & Vick, 2001). The presentation also provides

an opportunity to evaluate your potential for research and publication.


Sometimes you will be given a topic for your presentation. This topic can be vague and may be phrased as a question. The vagueness is usually deliberate and allows you to shape your presentation to your strengths and interests. Your assigned topic could be something like, "Discuss future trends and challenges for academic librarianship". If you're interviewing for a position as an instruction librarian, you may be asked to give an instruction session on a particular resource or topic.
What if you're not provided with a topic? Modify a presentation that you've done for work or for a conference. Review the programs of recent conferences for topics. Recall what subjects generated flurries of messages on the discussion lists you follow. Examine the tables of content of journals in librarianship and related fields. Consider the recent posts on the blogs you track. Ask colleagues for their thoughts on the field. Use the presentation to demonstrate that you keep up with current literature and discussion. A cautionary note: Don't post your presentation topic on discussion lists or blogs and ask for suggestions on how to approach the topic. Yes, this does happen. A member of the search committee or another candidate may read that list or blog. Academic librarianship is a small field and such unprofessional behavior will be remembered.

(SOURCE : Liscareer presentation)


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