Have a Job Interview But Afraid to Give a Presentation

Yes! You jumped up and punched the air. Why? You have just landed a job interview

You were lucky enough to get the job interview. Now as you further read the letter, you have just realised that you must prove yourself by giving a presentation to the interview panel on the day. To assist your future employers in their assessment of your qualifications, they have asked you to make a presentation on a particular subject related to the position you have applied for.

In addition to traditional face to face interviews, many businesses now use other ways of selecting potential employees. These include job interview presentations. In this economy, companies are slashing costs and slashing their workforce, to only keep the staff that are most skilled and are capable of delivering by adding value. So it is getting harder and harder for people to find jobs as each available job is going to have more competition. It is really important for you to stand out from the pack, otherwise you have no chance.

The only huge secret to delivering a compelling presentation during an interview is to prepare yourself ahead of time. Those who are prepared for such competitive moments in life will perform better because they will be more confident and self-assured.

To make both your presentation and interview the best anyone in that company has ever seen.

(SOURCE : Catherine's career corner)


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Have a Job Interview But Afraid to Give a Presentation?
Yes! You jumped up and punched the air. Why? You have just landed a job interview. You were lucky enough to get...

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